“Hybrid Cars”

Defining Hybrids
A vehicle is a hybrid if it utilizes more than one form of onboard energy to achieve propulsion. In practice, that means a hybrid will have a traditional internal-combustion engine and a fuel tank, as well as one or more electric motors and a battery pack.

Hybrid cars are sometimes mistakenly confused with electric vehicles. Hybrids are most often gasoline-burning machines that utilize their electric bits to collect and reuse energy that normally goes to waste in standard cars. Theoretically, diesel-electric hybrids would be even more fuel-efficient, but hybrid systems and diesel engines both represent extra cost. So far, installing both in the same vehicle has proven to be prohibitively expensive.


  1. Outlander PHEV GX4hs

    Image result for mitsubishi outlander phev featuresNew features for 2016

    • Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror
    • New Design Leather Seats
    • LED Daytime Running Lights
    • Luggage Compartment 12v Socket
    • LED Foot-well Illumination
    • Three Digit MPG Display
    • Steering Wheel Heater
    • New Mitsubishi Multi Communication System
    • 360 Camera with Steering Wheel Switch
    • Super Wide Range LED Headlamps with Auto-levelling
    • Front & Rear Parking Sensors
    • Unintended Acceleration Mitigation System (UMS)
  2. Toyota Yaris

Yaris is a very clever car. A no fuss world that’s big on convenience.

Audio System

Yaris models feature a 6.1″ Touchscreen Audio Display with USB connectivity[G5] for iPods®[G8] and MP3 players plusBluetooth®[B5] functions for added flexibility.

ZR Hatch & all Sedan grades feature Voice Recognition technology to help you stay focused on the road ahead. Both the ZR Hatch and YRX Sedan also feature Satellite Navigation

Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav)

Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav)<sup>[N1]</sup>

Sat Nav or Satellite Navigation is a system which displays the location of the vehicle on a “map” screen, and can be programmed to provide information such as directions to a destination both visually, and with spoken messages. Image shown for illustration purposes only. Specification may vary across models  with 3D graphics and SUNA™Traffic Updates and Toyota Link

yaris zr sports premium steering wheel 940x529

Steering wheel controls

Throughout the Yaris hatch range, steering wheel controls give you fingertip control of audio. So you don’t even need to take your hands off the wheel.

You know where you are with Yaris

The ZR hatch and YRX sedan models are fitted with Sat Nav[N1] which includes a traffic avoidance system[G7], which can help you keep clear of traffic congestion.

Open sesame. Keyless entry system

All Yaris grades come with remote central locking. So when it’s pouring with rain or you have a load of shopping or luggage to unload, there’s no need to fumble with your keys in the door when you park or load up.

3. Volkswagen Golf GTE

Composition Media

With a raft of features, from Intuitive HMI, Touchscreen, CD Drive, Bluetooth telephony, front and rear speakers and more, Compostion Media delivers something for everyone.

Discover Media

The optional Discover Media provides the best of both entertainment and driver assistance. The impressive Map Navigation feature provides 3 calculated routes, a driver can always choose between the fastest, the shortest or the most eco-friendly way. With a 5.8″ touchscreen capacitive colour display in QVGA.

Air conditioning, 2Zone Climatronic

Climatronic air conditioning with 2-zone temperature control lets you set two different temperature zones in your car – for both the driver and front passenger seats. So you can both adjust your air conditioned environment to be just the way you like it.

Advanced telephone connection

The optional advanced telephone connection gives you all the benefits of in car communication with an improved connection for your phone and the convenience of an integrated holder with charging function.

Multi Device Interface

You can choose a personal soundtrack to your drive with the Multi-Device Interface. Tucked away neatly and securely, it offers you a fast and easy link to files on your MP3 player, iPod and USB memory stick.

Ambient lighting

The dashboard, doors and footwell are illuminated by the optional ambient lighting creating a pleasant atmosphere. The pack also includes LED reading lights.

Adjustable Steering Column

The steering column can be fully adjusted to suit your individual driving requirements with the length and height adjustment newly redesigned.

Driver Alert System

The Driver Alert system analyses driver behaviour and gives both visual and audible warnings with advice to take a break.

4. Toyota Prius
prius i tech hero 940x529

Iconic styling

Innovation comes in many forms, but never has it been as elegant and refined as the latest generation Prius.

features superior hybrid synergy drive technology 940x529

Hybrid Performance

With Prius you can enjoy efficiency without sacrificing power. The 4th Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive® delivers remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance.

features head up display 940x529

Cutting Edge Technology

Every Prius is packed with the latest intelligent technology. Each innovation has been developed to make driving easier, smoother and more intuitive. All are a result of clever thinking that strives to deliver an enhanced driving experience, in all driving conditions.

features intelligent parking assist 300x169

Car Safety

Wherever you travel, whether it’s out on the open road or zipping about city streets, it’s reassuring to know when you get behind the wheel of Prius, you’re protected by some of the most advanced safety features and technology ever developed.


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