“Need for Effective Implementation and Continuous Improvement on Holistic IT Governance, Risk Management, Security and Privacy”


           In terms of Holistic IT Governance, there is a really need of effective implementation and continuous improvement because there are some cases that the policies/rules within cannot cope/govern or implemented. There are new things which are relatively not according to the scopes and limitation of the governance. This could lead to some more unreliable things and ways of doing so.

           With risk management, effective implementation  and continuous improvement must be applied in a way of making additional basis which are already proven and tested. This would lead to a greater outcome from taking the risk or like paying the price without being accurate of the result.

            In security and privacy, the continuous improvement and effecive implementation is a highly needed step. This would help us to secure our private things which could give us confidence to do so. Also, without the improvement, it is much easier for some unathorized accessors to get through for there a ways or there is an improvemet or development of their things used for doing it.

            Therefore, the need of continuous improvement and effective implementation is highly needed in all aspects not just with those such mention above. That a good way of bringing us to a good and better situation.

Rusel II B. Feliscuzo
IT 314 🙂


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