IT Governance, Risk Management , Security & Data Privacy

         Today, more than ever, with the increasing number of cyber-security attacks on government organisations and threats of data breaches to the privacy of government officials and their staffs, and government contractor staffs, strong IT Governance based on sound IT risk management is critical to restoring confidence in the security and privacy protections provided by our Federal Government. 

          Government stakeholders need assurances that this is being done to protect the security of key government systems (e.g., our military systems, tax systems, payment and entitlement systems, critical infrastructure systems, etc.) and protecting the privacy of information held by the government (e.g., healthcare and financial data which are currently prime targets for malicious actors).  In order to do this, a holistic approach is needed that embodies IT Governance, Security and Privacy based on IT Risk Management – all working in concert and all essential for success.  

                So today, there is a big factor that the IT-Governance should be improve because of the increasing cyber bullying , hacking, and as well as the cyber-blackmailing. The key factors that the IT-Governance should improve:

1. Communication security of our country

2. Internet Systems Security and Monitoring

             All the factors above needs improvement because today, this is the main issue in our country. Like for what is happening today in our country, if your a businessman, without a proper governance in IT world could result in loss of data or it can be steal. Your reputation would be at risk like what happen to night market in Davao City , a Facebook user updated her status about what happen and then many people get rid and irritated to her . And without a proper governance , the image of that woman get worst because of the lack of risk management. So for me, those two key factors above needs to be improve.  

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