Propose Free Wi-Fi in the Philippines(2017)

                MANILA, Philippines – The Senate has approved an increase in the budget of the Public Wi-Fi Program of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) from P338 million to P3 billion for 2015 in order to set up more wi-fi hotspots in the country.The DOST will put up 50,872 wi-fi hotspots with the increased program budget, the initial batch of which would be rolled out next year.

                These will include 7,917 public high schools, 38,694 public elementary schools, 113 state colleges and 1,118 public libraries and public spaces in 1,490 towns.Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto, chairman of the finance subcommittee that tackled DOST’s proposed budget for 2015, said the budget increase for the wi-fi program was accomplished because the Senate deferred by one year the Department of Budget and Management’s lease-purchase of laptops, which would later be issued to selected government employees.“I think it is the win-win situation. We set up the access points first. Because right now, teachers, for instance, already own smartphones. Their problem is that they cannot connect to the Internet. Once this is set up, then we bring in the laptops,” Recto explained.He noted that the increase in the wi-fi program’s budget would benefit public school students, farmers and traders by making them connected to the rest of the country and by bringing them information that is relevant to their lives.

              Having a free wi-fi in school is heaven for me. But having a free wi-fi in entire Philippines is like a multiple heaven for me (hahahaha LOL 😀 ). But anyways, having a free wi-fi is pretty awesome because we can easily access our social media accounts to post or update our status and for others to contact their love one’s through messenger. Student like me is very haapy of that proposal because with this proposal, I can create my projects easily without spending much money , I can download musics and movies and as well as I’m an Info-Tech student , i can download files and installers and I can upload my projects to my blogsite and share it to my friends. 

Advantages of Having a free wi-fi in Philippines

  1. Students like me can make our projects 
  2. Businessman can easily contact their clients through social media accounts because of free wi-fi
  3. We are updated about the news of our country through news websites
  4. We can download songs, movies and picyures anytime

Disadvantages of Having a free wi-fi in Philippines

  1. Can be a way  for hackers to steal data to the users because the wi-fi security is open
  2. Can be a way for students stay in the place where there is a free wi-fi and not going to school
  3. all devices that are connected is prone to trojan  attack, malwares, viruses and the worst one is blackmail.       

-Judems G. Daub BSIT-III



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