Newly Proposed budget for 2017’s free WiFi nation project

Image result for proposed free wifi access in the philippines

The government plans to spend money for a free WiFi access in public places for 2016 which is worth of  1.76 billion pesos as proposed by Sen. Ralph Recto which he said on September 3, 2016.

For me, this a good proposal by Sen. Recto. It would help millions of people who can avail and benefit specially in their social and personal needs. Like for students, it can help them with their studies and projects. For our netizens, it would help them to broadcast or share happenings or events that people of the Philippines might unaware.

It has many advantages to contribute in our society. But, we must take consideration also its disadvantages. It can also help hackers hack personal or private documents used to blackmails or threaten people to be harm. Students also might not already enter or focus n their classes because they would be busy on socializing in social media, exploring things unrelated to their educations, and etc.This is one other thing that might be seen.

Therefore, the whole concept of this proposal is really nice. It would help the Filipino people. And when this is approved and implemented, minors must be guided by adults in a good way of using this project or benefits.


Rusel II B. Feliscuzo
IT 314 🙂



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