Data Privacy

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 Data privacy (or data protection), is the relationship between collection and dissemination of data, technology, the public expectation of privacy, and the legal and political issues surrounding them.

                Our society today is pretty awesome, that’s because our technologies today are more convenient and powerful than the past technologies. Our computers today are more powerful than the past generation. As well as our communication today, with the help of the powerful hardware and software of our latest computers today, it makes our communication better, clear and fast. Sounds pretty good , right? But there is one thing that we do not know about this latest evolved of our technology, that is the “Data Privacy.”

As we all know , we like new gadgets like cellphones or a computer or even a laptop. We use it everyday for  play games or making a  word projects. Also we use it for our social media activities. Social media today is the common involved in data privacy. Social media also the main highlight for the hackers today. Without a proper data handling, your data will be exposed or taken and used it for cyber-bullying or the worst one is to blackmail. Hackers today improves their ability to steal data. But we are lucky , you know why, because there are latest trends in our data privacy. 

How the Latest Trends in Data Security Can Help Your Data Protection

                    Data breaches are on the rise. The constant threat of cyber attacks combined with the high cost and a shortage of skilled security engineers has put many companies at risk. There is a shift in cyber security investment and IT risk and security leaders must move from trying to prevent every threat and acknowledge that perfect protection is not achievable. PCI DSS 3.2 is out with an important update on data discovery and requirements to detect security control failures.In this webinar, cyber security expert Ulf Mattsson will highlight current trends in the security landscape based on major industry report findings, and discuss how we should re-think our security approach.
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