“Cosmic Watch”


      ” Cosmic Watch is a beautiful curiosity “.
— Gopal Sathe, 04 April 2016 , Cosmic Watch Is a Globe for the Stars —

                This application is really beautiful. This makes my curiosity as apps researcher / lover boost to the highest level at the first time I saw it. This app let our smartphones or touch-pads point to the night sky so that you and I can see far, faraway stars and constellations in the galaxy or in our universe.

                      You will know that, that particular star your looking at every night is a part of a constellation or something astronomical patterns. We can see astronomical events happening using it and also watch astronomical events that happened in the past like an eclipse.

                          We can see the movements of celestial bodies / objects in the space using this Cosmic watch application; (e.g. movements of planets, asteroids, comets, etc) which are really amazing and pretty cool.

                         Its really wonderful because you can adjust the time in seconds in future time and see / watch things happen. You will also know the time in other countries outside your country like China using the World clock tab or button.

                          It’s really, really pretty nice, and one of the best apps ever programmed, invented or created or what so ever you call it, nowadays.

                           I think you can see this particular app at Google Play store.

For more articles like this, you can visit the link below where I got it:


                Posted by: Rusel II B. Feliscuzo 🙂


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